Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Antelope Hunt

So as you probably all know, Mont has got me into hunting. I never thought that I would like it so much. But I do! I wouldn't say my life revolves around it like it does his. but I do really enjoy it. This last weekend me and my family all went to Wyoming to camp, hunt, hang out and EAT!!! It was lots of fun. I'm not much of a writer as you can tell, I'm more of a picture person. So here is our little camp trip..............

We got there pretty late so we hung out in the truck while the guys set up the trailers.

Just hanging out!

Getting ready to go find some antelope.
Angie, Tyler, Boston, Broson Look what my mom and dad got!
And Jared & Katie

I shot one from about 150 yards away.

My first Antelope!

Mont and Angie eating after a long day of hunting.

Corbin and Bronson

Bridger and Boston LOVE four wheelers. They played on them the whole time. Boston put an earplug in Bridger's ear and said "Hold on Bridgie we goin fast" hahaha they are so cute together!

Tyler and Broson taking it easy.

Mont and his little sugar Ü

Dallen shooting his BB gun.

Having fun with a BOX!

Bridger and Boston

All the boys!!!Baby Skylee all camoed out!


MicheLLe said...

Darcie you rock! You would make all hunter husbands envious! Mont's a lucky guy! You look cute in your camo outfit!

Jamie said...

Your family always has such fun!

Tyson and Capri said...

Oh my goodness skylee is getting so big i cant believe it!! Before i know it Daxon will be that big!! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

maegan and brian lutz said...

Skylee is so cute and BIG now.. Looks like a great camping trip!