Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Antelope Hunt

So as you probably all know, Mont has got me into hunting. I never thought that I would like it so much. But I do! I wouldn't say my life revolves around it like it does his. but I do really enjoy it. This last weekend me and my family all went to Wyoming to camp, hunt, hang out and EAT!!! It was lots of fun. I'm not much of a writer as you can tell, I'm more of a picture person. So here is our little camp trip..............

We got there pretty late so we hung out in the truck while the guys set up the trailers.

Just hanging out!

Getting ready to go find some antelope.
Angie, Tyler, Boston, Broson Look what my mom and dad got!
And Jared & Katie

I shot one from about 150 yards away.

My first Antelope!

Mont and Angie eating after a long day of hunting.

Corbin and Bronson

Bridger and Boston LOVE four wheelers. They played on them the whole time. Boston put an earplug in Bridger's ear and said "Hold on Bridgie we goin fast" hahaha they are so cute together!

Tyler and Broson taking it easy.

Mont and his little sugar Ü

Dallen shooting his BB gun.

Having fun with a BOX!

Bridger and Boston

All the boys!!!Baby Skylee all camoed out!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is SO mean of me but I think it's funny and I had to share it with everyone.

Skylee loves her bath time. But when you let her hands go it scares her so dang bad as you can tell. She's only in like an inch of water....

I know, I know I'm so mean!!!!

Here are a few pictures of this sweet little women!!!

I pulled her hair up in her first little ponytail Ü

I LOVE how she sleeps. She puts her little bum up in the air and crosses her legs Ü

We all just can't get enough of her. She is such a good baby and so much fun!!!

Even the dogs love her :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

The big sleepover

I remember when I was younger I LOVED sleepovers they were the coolest thing EVER. So a couple weeks ago I had my cute little nephew Boston sleepover cause I knew my boys would LOVE it. And sure enough they did :)

This is when they were suppose to be laying down watching a movie.

Ummmm........BOYS are we suppose to be doing that?

YEP! You got caught.

After telling them over and over again to lay down and watch the movie they were still hyper and couldn't stop talking and laughing......It was so cute!
Then FINALLY at 12:00 they fell asleep.

When I got up to make Skylee a bottle at 3:30 this is what they looked like...I love it!!!

They were seeing who could take the biggest bite of cereal.

I think Bridger was the winner. Look at that mouth :)

They can't wait to have another sleepover with Boston and their other cousins they ask me almost everyday if they can have them over Ü

Monday, August 10, 2009


If your wanting some time away from the kids and the hubby. Or just looking for something to do. I'm having an Open House Scentsy Party Thursday Aug. 13th from 6:00-8:00 I would love for you to come. There will be FOOD!!! And if you bring a friend you get a prize yahhhhh!!!! AND Everything in the catalog is 10% off. Also, starting Sept. 1st a lot of fragrances will be discontinued so come and stock up on all your favorites.
If your not able to make it but want to buy something just let me know by Friday Aug. 14th Ü Thanks everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Birthday Boy!!!

We decided to take Bridger to Dinosaur Park the day before his birthday cause he loves dinosaurs. We thought he would LOVE it................BUT he was scared to death!!!

After telling him over and over that the dinosaurs were fake and wouldn't bite him he decided to get close to a couple of them IF Dallen was with him.

He was watching his back the whole time making sure they wouldn't come alive and get him.
This was one of his favorite dinosaurs.

The next morning for his birthday Mont made him his favorite breakfast BACON.

For his birthday he got a big boy bike so we went down to the Weber river to let him ride it.

It was so HOT so we decided to play in the water to cool down.
I think he had a good birthday. I love you Bridgie!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's been going on?

A lot has been going on. I've just been to big of a slacker to post anything. So this is what we've been doing these last few weeks........... *long post*

Playing outside in the HOT HOT sun!

Watching fireworks!

Our Samson Family Reunion that was SO much fun!!!

Monts 26th Birthday!!!

Skylee's Blessing Day!

Mont gave her such a beautiful blessing.

She was a little upset being in that big fluffy dress. This was the best picture I got of her when she wasn't crying.
And just having fun and loving our little princess.

I told Dallen and Bridger to go get dressed and they actually listened....LOL